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日本鍼灸の極意 管鍼法 <日英対訳版> Kanshin Method The Essence of Japanese Acupuncture Japanese & English bilingual Book

日本鍼灸の極意 管鍼法 <日英対訳版> Kanshin Method The Essence of Japanese Acupuncture Japanese & English bilingual Book

作者: 大浦慈観 Jikan Oura / 北川毅 Takeshi Kitagawa / マクギバン美登利 Dr. Midori McGivern

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※The English version starts at the end of the book.

今や世界のスタンダード! 管を駆使した鍼

管頭を叩く、鍼管で針を摩擦する、振動させる…etc. 伝書に記された14技法も詳解!

A must-read for all acupuncturists around the world!

If you are an acupuncturist or student, you may have heard that Japanese acupuncture is slightly different from TCM. Do you know what the differences are?

`The Essence of Japanese Acupuncture" is a book about the Kanshin method - an important and unique part of Japanese acupuncture. Simply put, this is the acupuncture practice that uses guide tubes. Nowadays, many acupuncturists around the world use guide tubes daily. But did you know the guide tubes (called Shinkan in Japanese,) were invented more than 300 years ago in Japan by Waichi Sugiyama, the father of Japanese acupuncture.

Waichi is known as a master acupuncture physician, who became the court physician for the Tokugawa Shogunate. He was also the first educator in world history to build a school for the visually impaired. However, his life was not always successful, in fact more than half of his life was a chain of difficulties and challenges. But he kept his passion for helping people and making acupuncture safer and more comfortable, expanding the number of people who could benefit from it. Using guide tubes was an innovative acupuncture practice that made it possible to use thinner needles, giving easy, more comfortable insertions, without compromising the efficacy. These attributes represent how Japanese acupuncture can be gentle, yet powerful.

This book is written by renowned acupuncturists and sensei who are passionate about letting the world know about the greatness of Japanese acupuncture. The book gives you insights and knowledge about basic Japanese acupuncture principles. Moreover, this book introduces the clinical techniques which use guide tubes. You can incorporate these into your practice to enhance the clinical efficacy. This is a must-read for all acupuncturists worldwide. + 続きを読む


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電子版発売日 2022/06/10
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