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School and Business: Learning Essentials Through School Basics(English Edition)

School and Business: Learning Essentials Through School Basics(English Edition)

作者: KunikoFujiyama

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※This is the English version of “All important things in business are learned by elementary school - Principles of work and life” released on April 17th, 2018
※こちらは2018年4月17日発売『ビジネスで大切なことはすべて小学校までに学んでいます - 仕事と人生の原理原則 -』の英語版です。

The key for great greetings can be found in propriety, eye contact and a clear voice.

We are all human beings before being business people, who need propriety, according to this groundbreaking book by Kuniko Fujiyama. She states that all the ingredients we need to succeed and be decent people can be found in teachings we learned in elementary school. This spirit of propriety results in the acquisition of essential skills, which also leads us to great business performance.
Through well-established company training, Fujiyama brings “ideas and teaching” to a variety of business people. Now all these tips are contained in one book.

・Be a decent person and conduct yourself with propriety.
・Know what to change and what to keep.
・Any success is by accident. Any mistake is meant to be.
・Do what you can do - the “spirit of handicap.”
・Always be responsible - irresponsibility ruins business.
・Make sure that everything is okay and always do your best - “the rule of 1:29:300.”
・Morality matters, benefits come afterwards. The way we handle benefits is of value to companies.
・Learn from customers.
・How-to manuals do not create real customer service. + 続きを読む


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電子版発売日 2018/11/10
紙の本発売日 2018/04/17 ( 2010年代 )
ページ数: P167
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