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Your Best for a New Era

Your Best for a New Era

作者: KeikoTakahashi

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This book guides you through the journey of finding your life work, or mission-work that would bring you a deep sense of fulfillment and draw forth an imaginable power from within you. As is quoted below, this is an indispensable key for creating a new era.

(Quoted from Introduction)
Among the different occupations and types of activity, some are chosen by will while others are not. But the entirety of countless numbers of occupations and activities are indeed what make our society operate.
Our bodies are made of 60 trillion cells, and these cells are composed of countless protein and DNA molecules. These come together in a whole to form a network inside the human body. Just like that, the various types of work carried out by individuals are certain to be joined together and resonate together like the instruments in an orchestra. They become the driving force that moves society….
What is important is that a mission-work that draws out our best is always prepared for everyone.
Each person who puts everything into doing his best in their respective locations will resonate like an orchestra, one that continues to take up challenging new themes. That indeed would be the future that we should aim at. + 続きを読む


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電子版発売日 2015/08/14
紙の本発売日 2015/07/19 ( 2010年代 )
ページ数: P180
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