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History Wars  Japan---False Indictment of the Century 歴史戦 世紀の冤罪はなぜ起きたか

History Wars  Japan---False Indictment of the Century 歴史戦 世紀の冤罪はなぜ起きたか

作者: 産経新聞社(TheSankeiShimbun)

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NOTE: This book is an English Edition.
Although the indication of title above tells you as if it were a “Japanese Edition,” it contains the full book in both English and Japanese.

This book is a modest rebuttal to the absurd demagoguery against Japan on the issue of comfort women (military prostitution during wartime) that continues to be spread by China and South Korea as if it were the truth.

In the United States, the anti-Japanese activities have become more animated among local Chinese and Korean groups, as can be seen from the erection of a statue of a comfort woman in Glendale, California.

The Sankei Shimbun, one of the Japan's leading newspapers, has been reporting in detail on activities related to the comfort women issue in the U.S. How did the situation come to the point of demeaning Japan to such an extent? Why did the comfort women issue arise in the first place? The Sankei dug deep to seek answers and the result is a book titled “History Wars.”

On this occasion the Sankei has decided to publish an English Edition of the book in order to inform people around the world of the facts and clear up the misunderstandings about Japan.

About the Author
The Sankei Shimbun, which was first published in 1933, is one of Japan's leading Quality Newspapers based in Tokyo.

Chapter 1: The False Indictment of the Century
Chapter 2: Is America Japan's Enemy?
Chapter 3: Why Did the Facts Become Distorted?
Chapter 4: Why Didn't Japan Rebut the Mistakes?

○ベストセラー『歴史戦 朝日新聞が世界にまいた「慰安婦」の嘘を討つ』(産経新聞社著)の英日対訳ダイジェスト版。前半に英語版、後半に日本語版を収録。

第1章 世紀の冤罪
第2章 米国は日本の敵なのか?
第3章 なぜ事実がねじまげられたのか?
第4章 なぜ日本は反論しなかったのか? + 続きを読む


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電子版発売日 2015/08/07
紙の本発売日 2015/08/04 ( 2010年代 )
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